SW 624 transmission

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SW 624 transmission

Our SW 624 Transmission employs advanced technology to deliver high performance and reliability under challenging battlefield conditions. With gear ratios of 19:1 and at 90 percent efficiency, operations under conditions of maximum torque can be carried out smoothly and accurately. A patented 24 gear system divided into equal 16 percent increments allows for quasi-continuous variable transmission capability resulting in optimal engine operation.

This new generation transmission reduces the power losses seen in conventional powershifting, eliminating the torque converter, and reducing the spin losses caused by hydraulic pumps and friction discs.

Rating & specification

Max. input power (hp/kW)Max. input torque (Nm/lb.ft)Max. output torque (Nm/lb.ft)Ratio spread, fwdRatio spread, rev
800/5963000/221325000/1843919:1 to 0,62:121,74:1 to 3,13:1
Pull load speed Min - Max (rpm)Idle speed Min - Max (rpm)
1800 - 2300600 - 800
DriveMounting positionGear rating (PTO #1) Gear rating (PTO #2)
Engine11:00 and 01:00 o'clock700 lb.ft1106 lb.ft
Lenght (mm/in)Height (mm/in)Width (mm/in) Dry weight (kg/lb)
Capacity (l/US gal)FiltersOil level sensor