Electric machine MG-750

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Electric machine MG-750

This three-phase permanent magnet electric machine is designed to work with internal combustion engines as an alternator and/or motor. It is an ideal back-up component for electric and hybrid vehicles. Its high operating temperature (up to 100ºC) and reduced volume allow a wide spectrum of electric vehicle applications.

Electric power: 75 kW @ 700 Vdc.

Rating & specification

Max speed (rpm)Nominal torque (Nm/lb ft)max. torque, <60s (Nm/lb ft)Nominal Power (kW)Max. Power, <60s (kW)Max. efficiencyCoolantOperating temperature (ºC)
7200110/81.1 300/221.3 75 kW16597%Water-Ethyleneglycol 50/50-32 to 100
Diameter (mm/in) Length (mm/in) Weight (kg/lb)
240/9.5 245/9.6 38/83.8