DC/DC converter CN-170

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DC/DC converter CN-170

The SAPA bidirectional DC/DC converter 700/28Vdc is designed with 3.4 kW parallel modules which allow scaling up to 17 kW, according to power need. Based on SiC semiconductors, it provides high thermal capacity allowing liquid cooling at 65ºC.

Power: 17 kW @ 28Vdc

Rating & specification

High voltage (Vdc)Low voltage (Vdc) Power, either way (kW)TopologyEfficiency at max loadCoolantOperating temperature (ºC)
700 +/-4028 Vdc per MIL-STD-1275-E17 kW5 modules,3.4 kW, interleaved90%Water-Ethyleneglycol 50/50-32 to 100
Width (mm/in) Length (mm/in) Height (mm/in) Weight (kg/lb)
240/9.4 552/21.7 357/14.1 65/143