Auxiliary Power Unit BP-170

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Auxiliary Power Unit BP-170

SAPA Auxiliary Power Units are custom designed for each specific application, always based on high performance SAPA generators. Our Auxiliary Power Units incorporate all the auxiliary systems necessary for its operation: air intakes, fuel, cooling. These units are designed to guarantee high availability and reduced maintenance. Our catalog includes units installed under armoring as well as in installations external to the vehicles.

SAPA Auxiliary Power Units are custom designed to meets the needs of the customer. Our units are state-of-the-art, delivering the latest technology in air intake, fuel, and water cooling. These units guarantee high availability and reduced maintenance and are designed for use as independent, easily-transportable applications, with low weight and noise. When installed under armoring, these units are extremely compact, only 960 mm in height, allowing incorporation into the chassis without modifications. Offering maximum versatility, these units can also be installed external to the vehicle.

Electric power: 9.5 kW @ 28 Vdc

Rating & specification

Lenght (mm/in)Width (mm/in)Height (mm/in)InstalationStart
Power (kW)Voltage (Vdc)Speed (rpm)Cooling
Displacement (cc) # CylinderFuelCooling