ACT 850 transmission

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ACT 850 transmission

Our ACT 850 Transmission employs advanced technology to deliver high performance and reliability under challenging battlefield conditions.

We have eliminated hydraulic transmission systems from the powertrain, both in propulsion and steering, replacing them with an electro-hydraulically controlled 32-speed gear shift system.

This state-of-the-art technology allows our transmission to deliver maximum power to the tracks, giving excellent vehicle control and maneuverability. This system offers other advantages including less noise, optimized fuel consumption and no potential to overheat.

With gear ratios greater than 17:1 and at 90 percent efficiency, operations under conditions of maximum torque can be carried out smoothly and accurately. The gears can be grouped into one or more ranges, each of which is adapted to different maneuvers and types of terrain, depending on customer need.

Another added advantage is steering controlled by a "steer by wire" system which allows optimum control of the vehicle at high speed and during extreme turns, allowing pivot and neutral pivot. With this system, driver effort is not determined by the steering mechanism which reduces driver fatigue.

Rating & specification

Max. engine power (hp/kW) Max. vehicle weight (Tm/Ton)Nº of gearsRatio spread (fwd) Ratio spread (rev)
850/62545/503217:1 to 0.83:130:1 to 1.45:1
Width (mm/in) Lenght (mm/in) Height (mm/in) Dry weight (kg/lb)Powerpack configuration
DriveMounting position Power rating (hp)
EngineRight side400
Capacity (l/US gal)FiltersOil level sensor