ACT 1000 transmission

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ACT 1000 transmission

By eliminating hydraulic transmission systems from the powertrain, both in propulsion and steering, ACT transmissions deliver maximum power to the tracks, allowing the vehicle excellent control and maneuverability.

The propulsion system of the ACT transmissions is an electro- hydraulically controlled 32-speed gear shift system. The gears can be grouped into one or more ranges, each of which is adapted to different maneuvers and types of terrain, depending on the customer's needs.

The steering is controlled by a "steer by wire" system allowing optimum control of the vehicle at high speed, as well as in extreme turns. It allows pivot and neutral pivot. With this system, the effort demanded from the driver is not determined by the steering mechanism, and allows a pleasant driving without subjecting the driver to fatigue.

By means of electronic control of the brake system, together with the electronic shift control and “steer by wire” system, the ACT transmissions are ready to deliver any vehicle with autonomous driving capability.

With ACT transmissions, whose highest gear ratio of 33:1 and 90% efficiency, operation under conditions of maximum torque demand can be carried out smoothly and accurately. The high efficiency inherent to this technology derives from the elimination of hydraulic transmission elements, so it requires significantly less engine power. This provides an increase in mobility of the vehicle, reduces noise and optimizes fuel consumption.

The high efficiency of the transmission is maintained under all operating conditions. As an additional advantage derived from this feature is the reduction of the cooling system needs and consequently the vehicle will not face conditions in which it may suffer overheating caused by the transmission.

Rating & specification

Max. engine power (hp/kW)Max. vehicle weight (Tm/Ton)Nº of gearsRatio spread, fwdRatio spread, rev
1000/73550/553233:1 to 1:135:1 to 1.75:1
Width (mm/in) Lenght (mm/in)Height (mm/in)Dry weight (kg/lb)Powerpack configuration
DriveMounting positionPower rating (hp)
EngineRight side400
Capacity (l/US gal)FiltersOil level sensor