AC/DC Inverter IN-750-B

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AC/DC Inverter IN-750-B

The SAPA AC/DC inverter 0-850Vdc is designed to control the electric machine and correct the power factor as needed. Based on SiC semiconductors, it provides high thermal capacity allowing liquid cooling at 65ºC.

Power: 72 kW @ 700Vdc.

Rating & specification

DC Range (Vdc)Max. Current (A)Power @ 700 Vdc (kW) Output frequency (Hz) Switching frequency (Hz)Max. efficiencyCoolantOperating temperature (ºC)
0-85017572< 20002098%Water-Ethyleneglycol 50/50-32 to 100
Width (mm/in) Length (mm/in) Height (mm/in) Weight (kg/lb)
325/12.8 305/12 150/5.9 44/96.8