Army Charging Ahead With Advanced Powertrains

An Army program to develop and integrate new powertrain technology is setting the stage to provide leap-ahead capabilities for the military’s vehicle fleets, as the service pursues next-generation platforms.

The Advanced Powertrain Demonstrator initiative began in 2015. The aim was to mature critical technology that could enable a more revolutionary future platform.

SAPA highly efficient ACT1000 transmission is a key component of the Army’s Advanced Powertrain Demonstrator. What this solution offers is the efficiency gains that current combat vehicles and U.S. Army combat tracked vehicles do not have. Some transmissions in Army platforms have efficiencies as low as 55 percent depending on the operating range. But SAPA ACT1000 transmission efficiency exceeds 90 percent in every operating condition.

What this means is that most of all the power that’s being developed by the engine can then go down to the sprocket potentially for mobility and propulsion use instead of being lost as dissipated heat in the cooling system.

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